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What is a Gorilla Ant? Is it a gorilla with the strength of an ant? Or an ant with the power of a gorilla? Maybe it’s that our species is no more important or higher on the evolutionary chain than either of those. The only important thing we bring to Earth is our art and music. Follow us through our journey.

It’s been 20 years since we started this plan and three since the inception of Gorilla Ants. 4 bands broken, countless relationships ended, was addicted to drugs, been cheated on, stolen from, copied from, lost everything, ran my fair share, been arrested, yet music still cuts through and writing brings peace.

Counted out by many, hated by a few and I’m sure we have been on the receiving end of negativity. But through it all, learning how to craft music, has always been the meaning, the first and last thoughts of the day. Love wins, music carries on, art breaks through and originality rises to the top.


Maybe that’s what a Gorilla Ant is….stick around to find out! Peace love and turn it up!

Writing in Gorilla Ant is not easy
Gorilla Ants are always ready for music!
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